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Salt Lake Tribune Review

“This magnificent documentary chronicles the rise of a musical miracle in an inauspicious place and under seemingly impossible conditions: the emergence of what is being called the best Catholic choir in the United States in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. The film captures the incredible hard work, the vision, the beauty of the endeavor, but also the underlying humility and service ethic of the principle players. The Choir School is changing lives and lifting hearts; this documentary captures that same progressive and hopeful spirit.”
Jeffrey A. Tucker
The Chant Café
July 5, 2012
(managing editor/ Sacred Music Journal-Director of Publications)

"The Choir," a 90-minute documentary about the Madeleine Choir School and choristers, received rave reviews” after two private screenings June 7 and June 27 at the Salt Lake City Library.
Intermountain Catholic
Salt Lake City
July 20th, 2012

"... I found the film and camera work elegant, and the story and students compelling, filled with joy and good work"
Paula Fowler
Director of Education & Community Outreach
Utah Opera
June 2012

“… inspiring…”
Bernice Maher Mooney
former (Catholic) Diocese of Salt Lake City archivist
Intermountain Catholic
July 20th, 2012

“It doesn’t happen as often with music for me as it use to…(particularly with certain kinds of jazz & rock’n’roll), … but I can still get ‘it’ with this choir… and all I can do (say) is… ‘wow!’
Thomas K. McCarthey
Former Deputy Editor/Music Editor
The Salt Lake Tribune
May 2012